Why 1 at a Time?

You might be wondering, why you can only order 1 Sonoma Love Box at a time – Yes?

Due to the fact that 85% of our gift boxes get shipped to different addresses, and each have their very own unique gift-message, this is the one way we can keep our clients gifts landing on the right doorsteps.

The software for this one product doesn’t allow us to take 3 different mailing addresses for 3 separate recipients, and in the past, allowing clients to purchase multiples has required a lot of extra communications and clarifications.

We DO realize this is not terrible convenient, but we also promise this is the best way to make sure your Sonoma Love Box gets to the people YOU LOVE!

Thank you for understanding!

So, here’s ordering instructions one more time:

Important Ordering Instructions:
1) If ordering for shipping, you must order one at a time! 
Due to software constraints we can only take one shipping address & gift message at a time.

2) If you’d like to order 3 or more for shipping, please email me at Pam@sonomalovebox.com along with your recipients address & gift message! 
I will invoice you through PayPal.

3) If you’d like to order for Pick-up, you may order one at a time or email me with your quantity. I will invoice you through PayPal.

Sonoma Love