Quarterly Subscription

Interested in receiving a quarterly Sonoma Love Box with the “local user” in mind?

A gift box that is carefully curated to offer you an experience rather than just a bundle of locally made goods? A box that combines many of Sonoma’s wonderful consumable products with some of our more perishable cheeses and cured meats too? A box that occasionally is accompanied by a darling little bunch of farm fresh flowers or herbs? Or a beautiful loaf of fresh baked bread?

If this is you, if this appeals to the part of you that is dedicated to “buying local” and enjoys the element of surprise, please let us know by subscribing in the box below.

Quarterly Subscription Sonoma Love Boxes are in the works! We need a solid base of Subscription enthusiasts to get us started. We need a minimum of 30 subscribers in order to launch. Can you help us meet this goal?

Quarterly Subscriptions will offer tiered pricing of $65.00, $75.00 & $85.00 with local pick-up points throughout Sonoma County.

Show us your interest and we’ll keep you up to date on our progress.

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